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Launch your very own engineering team in Ukraine - product management stays on you,
we'll cover the rest.
Since 2010 we've built engineering teams in Ukraine for over 15 technology companies from Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal.

In 2017 we moved our HQ to Berlin. In 2020, to support an inevitable shift to remote work, we launched fully Remote Teams offering allowing engineers to work from anywhere.
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Looking for the top talent despite the location?
Want your entire team working in the same room?
We've got you covered in either case.

Remote Team

Recruitment, Onboarding, Paperwork, Payroll, Taxes, Social benefits, Travel management.

Advanced ongoing HR support.

Based in our office in Kharkiv or Kyiv Ukraine.

Talent pool of 30.000+ IT specialists.

4-8 weeks to build a team of 5 engineers.

Complete working hardware set and videoconferencing equipment on us.

Transparent cost model with no setup fee and moderate flat-rate monthly running fee.

Best for steadily growing tech businesses or those with still developing processes.

Flexible contractual terms.

R&D Office

Recruitment, Onboarding, Paperwork, Payroll, Taxes, Social benefits, Travel management.

Basic ongoing HR support

Working from home office or coworking spaces anywhere in Ukraine.

Talent pool of 220.000+ IT specialists.

3-6 Weeks to build a team of 5 engineers.

Engineers use their own hardware or we'll provision custom hardware at your expense.

Transparent cost model with moderate setup fee and low flat-rate monthly running fee.

Best for tech businesses with a remote-enabled culture or those rapidly scaling.

Very flexible contractual terms.

Founder Kreditech
IT Director Budget Thuis
CPO and Managing Director Finiata
Alexander Graubner-Müller
Floris de Haes
Ingmar Stupp
The development team X1 recruited for us and helped us prove our business idea and had a strong contribution to the overall success of our company.
X1 helped us cut down the development costs almost twice and optimize our workload, since we had more time to focus on the business, instead of worrying about hiring software engineers.
... Their client-first attitude and transparent communication allowed them to remain very flexible and responsive to all our concerns and changes we made.
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