About X1 Group


We build core A-teams for growing technology companies and startups.


To connect leading technology companies with the top IT talents to mutually benefit through collaboration and synergy. We know every inch of the market and know how to empower tech pros to join your team on a long-term basis.


We value and cherish every one of our clients and know how to attract and retain the best minds for your business. We know your business, we speak your language.

Our recruiters hire a dedicated team of skilled and experienced developers and onboard them in our Development Center in Ukraine. At X1 Group, we believe in close collaboration and transparency, so we define the project goals and determine the metrics for success together.


Openness 🚀
With a huge respect for transparency, X1 Group always stays accountable and open in all our business practices. We have nothing to hide.
Care 🙌
In organizing our development center and communicating with clients, we put the needs and goals of your business first — because your success is our success.
Education 🏆
We understand the importance of moving forward, so motivating our employees to advance their knowledge is one of our core values.
Community 😈
Being a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, we a make significant effort to establish one of the strongest IT communities in Ukraine by organizing educational conferences, sponsoring charity events, and doing corporate social responsibility.
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Our core team
Those who make it all happen. Every day, they unite to help businesses grow, prosper, and achieve new heights.
Valeriy Bykanov
Founder & CEO
LinkedIn, Facebook
Before founding X1 Group in 2008, Valeriy contributed to a number of startups and projects in both IT/technical and management roles. Founded first co-working space in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Viktoria Horbenko
Business Partner
LinkedIn, Facebook
Viktoria focuses on PR and Marketing, and supervises development of internal company processes, brand building and business development strategies.
Irina Martimyanova
Head of HR
LinkedIn, Facebook
Irina manages our HR and Recruiting departments. She is constantly advancing our processes and tools, as well as growing amazingly friendly yet professional atmosphere within the entire company.
Maria Brazhnykova
Business Development Manager
Iryna Rozhdestvenska
Oleh Holovin