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8 Steps to Take if You Want to Reach Your Goals in 2019
A set of practices you should adopt to consistently reach goals. Enrich your life experience with quite a few useful success-building routes.
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The 6 Berlin Startups that Make Everyday Routine Simpler
A list of 6 notable startups that take their roots in Berlin which can simplify your day-to-day life.
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9 Remote Team Management Tools You Can Use
Handy programs that help track tasks effectively. Down below are the best tools for a sleek remote team management.
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The Real Reasons Startups Move Their R&D Offices to Ukraine
Why most businesses choose to open a new development division specifically, in Ukraine.
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6 Startups with Most Interesting Pitches at Web Summit
A quick wrap up of the six most interesting startups with best pitches that were presented at the WebSummit 2018.
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How to 10x Your Success with an Agile Development Process
What if your business could quadruple its effectiveness? Wait…what if the value could be multiplied by 10 times?
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