Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine

Get your product development team at X1 Group without the stress of recruitment, onboarding, hardware, infrastructure, administration - all of that, and much more, will be on us.
We hire developers based on your business requirements and onboard them in our Software Development Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, forming your very own dedicated team.

X1 Group takes care of the recruitment process, team development, and HR support, while you have full control over team management.

With X1 Group, you can get access to a whole spectrum of specializations, including JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, .NET, Angular, Big Data, and blockchain.

How it works

Being an advocate of a client-oriented approach, X1 Group's top management meets entrepreneurs to discuss business goals, requirements, and expectations. Together, we define a profile of your ideal development team that will move you toward success.
Team Setup
With X1 Group, you can get your dedicated software development team up and running within 4 to 8 weeks. Drawing inspiration from your business vision and mission, our recruiters do their magic to bring the best candidates to your team. To make a perfect match between the developers and you, we encourage you to join our screening process and approve our finalists.
Onboarding & Kick-off
Once we onboard your new team in our Software Development Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the engineers are all set and ready to rock. To make the project's kick-off as smooth as possible, we recommend bringing the entire team to your office for a couple of weeks for on-site integration. Otherwise, you're very welcome to join your team in Ukraine.
Work Progress
You'll have the same transparent collaboration with a dedicated development team just as you have with your own in-house team. All required communication channels and productivity tools are always there to assist in fine-tuning the development process.
Administration & Support
X1 Group handles everything from providing office space and hardware to HR support and management. Just sit down and relax while we take care of employee satisfaction, motivation, their working time, sick leaves, vacations, and teambuilding.
Team Extension
As your business grows, we can extend your team or migrate it to a high-grade remote R&D office so you can scale even faster. Moreover, if you wish to make your dedicated developer a part of your onsite team, we could offer you flexible and favorable relocation terms.

Client stories
They've already triumphed with our dedicated dev teams
Kreditech is Germany's most influential online lender that offers loans to individuals, assessing them using online data and machine learning.
BudgetEnergie is a Dutch independent alternative energy supplier that votes for green, yet cheap energy power.
Finiata is a credit scoring system designed to help enterprises get access to working capital to seize their businesses within an automated online system.
Käuferportal is an online portal designed to help consumers obtain and compare offers from regional companies before making a purchase of a product or service.
iFunded is an online real estate investment platform through which private and institutional investors can invest directly in real estate projects of their choice.
Rautenberg Media
Rautenberg Media brings readers a highly personalized, hyperlocal news, video content, and targeted advertising all over Germany for readers in just a few clicks.

Why it works

Top IT Talents
Our Development Center is a home for talented, high-skilled IT professionals located in Kharkiv, Ukraine — one of the largest talent pools in Europe. We were continuously rated among the top IT-employers, and thanks to our solid recruiting experience, you will have access to the best candidates the market has to offer.
Quick Start
We build a team of 3-5 developers in just 4 to 8 weeks and then grow it as you need. We'll cover recruitment, setup, onboarding, and operational tasks for you to have more time to focus on business. You can visit your dedicated team in our Development Center in Kharkiv or invite them to join you in your office.
Focus on Client Success
An individual approach to the needs of each and every business allows X1 Group to stay flexible when it comes to fulfilling clients' needs. Our dedicated team seamlessly moves into the development process, adopts the core principles of your business, and works tirelessly on your prosperity.
With our transparent and straightforward pricing model, predictable timeframes, and individual development plan, you always keep your project's budget under control and even decrease your development budget up to 50% compared to similar on-site team setup offers.

Get your own dedicated team now

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Not ready for a remote team?

IT Recruitment into your own office!
If you're looking for developers to strengthen your in-house team and not ready to consider a remote location yet, X1 Group can help you with IT recruitment.