December 21st, 2018

2018 Recap: X1 Group's Year-in-Review

Awards, recognition, conferences, publications, team and company growth, and more of our achievements in 2018.
As the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, it's time to pause and look back at the year we are about to leave behind.
2018 marked a "year of change" for the team of X1 Group; we turned 8, transformed the company's structure, visited many tech events, and made another thousand and one things. So, today, let's sum up the milestones we achieved and remember the important things that happen with our team this year.


One of the main events of 2018 for us is moving to another, larger and more comfortable office space in the city centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Two floors, lots of meeting rooms, summer terrace, cozy lounge zone—all of this and more are now within arm's length.
Cozy launch zone in X1 Group's office
Another big milestone is the relocation of our headquarters to Berlin, Germany. We now welcome our new and existing clients to join us for coffee and enjoy an amazing view over Tiergarten, Brandenburger Tor, and Reichstag from Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz.

Awards and Recognition

This year became pretty good for us in terms of industry recognition. We have been listed as Top Web Developers and became one of the Best (and most highly-recommended) B2B Companies in Germany according to Clutch, a leading DC-based research firm. This positive assessment of our expertise and experience is a great confirmation of X1 Group's market supremacy.
Clutch recognition | X1 Group

The Team

In 2018, the team was joined by over 30 talented and passionate specialists who replenished our development, recruiting, and business development teams. One of the main add-ons to our team is Maria Brazhnykova who came to occupy the position of Business Development Manager and is in charge of all communications with potential clients and partners. Also, this year, we welcomed Irina Martimyanova, our new HR Business Partner who is now working hard to help the company build and establish operations and processes.
Dedicated development team from X1 Group
Another major enhancement is launching marketing department and legal team in 2018 that help company's communications became more competitive and compelling, support and protect its employees. We also significantly extended our recruitment department to keep up with the growing pace of our dedicited teams.

Industry Events

For X1 Group, 2018 was filled with inspiring events, both in Ukraine and abroad.

We taking the education of our employees seriously, and making it possible for them to attend educational courses, conferences, and meetups is one of the most important aspects of our corporate policy. Having this in mind, we launched a series of open meetups in our office, where our employees shared their tricks and insights in Ruby and .NET with the tech community.
.NET open meetup | X1 Group
Also, it's important for us to contribute to the growth of the new generation of software engineers and quality assurance specialists. That's why our employees Igor Stracheus, Tatiana Zubko, and Vladimir Lukyanenko lecture at Hillel Computer School. Recently, as part of a program, they brought their students on an exploring tour to our office to help them plunge into the development environment.
Industry event at X1 Group
As for international events, we have a lot to say here too. Our team members attended dozens of conferences, both highly-specialized and business-oriented. Among the main of them are Collision Conference, "America's fastest growing tech conference", which took place in New Orleans in May, and WebSummit, "the best technology conference on the planet", that occured in November in Lisbon. There, we were able to extend our network and learn more about the hottest trends in the tech industry.
X1 Group visited WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon


This year, our official corporate blog has been finally launched. First, on Medium where our headliners share their bold thinking and meaning opinions about startups, tech, and products, then on our website, where the team shares valuable business insights, latest industry trends, and news updates from X1 Group.

Among the most prominent stories that gathered tons of likes and arose discussions are How to Find Inspiration For Your Business Even in Toughest Times featured at HackerNoon, Entrepreneur Guide: Choosing Technologies for a Startup written for The Startup, How Brexit Can Affect Startups in the UK published in Innovation Enterprise, and All You Need to Know About the Blockchain for Towards Data Science.

Environmental Initiatives

At X1 Group we care very much for diminishing our environmental footprint and, in 2018, we began to consider the ways to teach our staff an eco-friendly behavior and encourage them to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Our company started a partnership with Yasortuyu to popularize waste sorting and recycling among our employees, as there are no regulatory laws of that kind in Ukraine. We placed a number of special containers in the office kitchen and explained why it's important not to print more paper than necessary.
Waste sorting at X1 Group


With the holiday season in full swing, we are trying to bring the festive spirit to those in need. X1 Group is a constant supporter of various charity organizations that help children and animals. Earlier this year, we participated in the #RedNoseDay, organized by Comic Relief, to help save the children from poverty. We also helped fulfill the dreams of young orphans by granting their wishes for Christmas.
#RedNoseDay at X1 Group - Save children from poverty


"For X1 Group, 2018 has been a year of major changes and improvements," says Valeriy Bykanov, our founder and CEO. "We augmented our team with new prominent members, strengthened our expertise, and launched a bunch of new projects inside the company. The progress that X1 achieved has been fueled by the hard work of our staff and the loyalty and support we received from our clients and partners."
A 2018 year in review | X1 Group
X1 Group closes out 2018, celebrating a major milestone of the company's 8th year in the business with solid results, and improved market presence. It was a good year for us, and we will keep moving to achieve even more in 2019.

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