august 27th, 2018

Clutch Names X1 Group One of the Best
B2B Companies in Germany

Clutch named X1 Group among the most highly-recommended B2B companies in Germany.
X1 Group was named among the most highly-recommended B2B companies in Germany, according to Clutch research, released on August 21, 2018.
This research and the resulted rating is based on the set of quantitative and qualitative metrics such as market presence, the quality of services, the level of innovation, number of projects, and client reviews. The group of analysts then evaluates each company on a scale from 1 to 10 on each of these parameters and forms the final score, also featuring companies' attitude towards businesses. More than eighty enterprises were highlighted as the best service providers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, and X1 Group was among the ones excelled in Germany.
Clutch's ratings always serve as reputable sources for defining the best company for future projects, and this research is not an exception. We are honored to be among 30 German-based industry leaders, proving our ability to deliver top-notch development teams to technology startups and businesses.
X1 Group is proud to maintain our leadership, and our team wants to express great gratitude to Clutch's analytical crew for helping business owners connect with well-proven service providers, like ourselves.

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