April 24st, 2019

X1 Group Introduces a New Brand Identity

Redesigned logo, new bright colours, new vision - but the same old X1. The one you always liked.
Life is a changeable thing and in order to keep up with the booming businesses, we need to evolve as well.
So, on the eve of our birthday next month, we've released our new brand identity earlier this month, introducing a new look and feel of X1. It's now more than just a logo update, it's our new concept that better reflects what our company is about: helping tech startups build core development teams to achieve their business objectives.
X1 Group logo
The cornerstone of our new identity is our redesigned logo. Don't worry, it's still good old, familiar X1 but in a new, modern shape. It stands for more than the name of our company, just as our services are more than finding developers.
X1 Group logo
We envisioned the new logo to be clear, simple, and transparent to better reflect our values. Just like a two-planes paper plane ready to take off, it reflects our mobility, in business, in remote teams, and in communication. Its plasticity embodies our ability to find a solution to upcoming problems in the most flexible manner.
X1 Group logo
There is also much more behind a new brand identity than just new bright colours and fonts. It is an intertwining net that represents our goals and unites our service offerings in a visually-appealing way.
Our company has evolved a lot for these 9 years; we truly came a long way, inspired by your faith in us and in our cause. We are very excited about this new year in our company life which started with our new identity.

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