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Building dedicated teams for tech businesses

We create top-notch development teams

X1 Group takes care of the recruitment process and HR support, while you have full control over team management.
Dedicated development team in Ukraine
Extend your in-house team with expert web developers. We hire programmers and onboard them in our office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, establishing your very own dedicated development team.

Recruitment, onboarding, office space, hardware, administration, HR support, and much more are on us.

You keep full control over your team.
Recruitment into your office
We headhunt developers, searching for the talents within Eastern Europe and your home country, and place them as full-time employees at your office.

We can handle recruitment, visa, and relocation support, if necessary.

Onboarding and what comes next are on you.
Our clients
Having a unique expertise in the fintech, real estate, and energy domains, X1 Group is proud to develop software products for some of the best in the industry.

On your way to Unicorn?

We can establish a Remote R&D Office in Ukraine for you
X1 Group hosts dedicated R&D centers for global companies that operate in multiple industries. If you want to establish a remote R&D office in Ukraine, we can offer our support in getting all parts of your office together.

You retain the full control over your office and team while we'll do all the administration and maintenance for you.

Why it works for businesses

Top IT Talents
Our Development Center, located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has one of the largest pool of high-skilled IT specialists in Europe. X1 Group is continuously rated among the top IT-employers on the local market. Thanks to our solid recruiting experience, we can bring the best talents to your team.
Quick Start
With X1 Group, you can get your new product development team up and running within 4-8 weeks. We'll cover all recruitment, setup, onboarding, and administrative tasks so you can have more time to focus on the business, while we're building your team for you.
Cost-Efficient Cooperation
Thanks to our transparent and straightforward pricing model, you always keep your IT budget under control. There will be no upfront setup fees, so you can cut down your spendings up to 50% compared to similar on-site team setup.
Close Proximity to EU
Our Ukrainian Software Development Center, where you can place your extended team, is just 1 hour ahead of Central European Time. And is well connected with Western Europe and North America by air.

What they are saying about us
Mila Sukhareva
Founder at Casafari
The outstaffing model X1 Group implemented and developed so well is the best model one can find for the lean startup's software engineering as it allows to find the best talents available, deploy weekly iterations, and make developers work as it would be their startup.
Ingmar Stupp
COO of Finiata
X1 Group became our loyal partner and trusted advisor and acquired our highest recognition. Their dedication, flexibility, and adherent to success allow me to recommend X1 Group to everyone without a shred of a doubt.
Jason Cohen
CEO at Big Data Block
I highly recommend X1 Group for businesses that are looking for really solid tech resources to help with your projects. They will help you to extend your existing dev team as well as hire your first engineers and grow the team as your business grows.

Our tech expertise

Tech stack our existing teams cover:

JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, .NET, Big Data, blockchain

Building dedicated teams for each client, we can bring literally any experts to your team!
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