Hi there!
We're currently drafting our new website and will launch it soon.
Meanwhile, see the most crucial info belowor drop us a line to find out more
Hi there!
We're currently drafting our new website and will launch it soon.
Meanwhile, see the most crucial info below or drop us a line to find out more

This is X1 Group. We're building dedicated development teams and R&D offices in Ukraine for technology startups from around the globe.

How we can help
Dedicated Development Team
For almost a decade X1 Group helps technology startups to ramp up their products and businesses by establishing dedicated software development teams for them in our development center in Ukraine.

With Dedicated Development Team at X1 you'll get the benefit of having your own team of IT professionals but without stress of recruitment, onboarding, hardware, infrastructure, retention, administration - all of that, and much more, will be on us.
Remote R&D Office
If you look to establish your own R&D Office in Eastern Europe we can offer our support in getting together all parts of your own office. Including legal assistance, team recruitment and onboarding, hardware and infrastructure, retention and HR management, office branding and management.

You retain full control over your office and team while we'll do all the administration and maintenance for you.
Recruiting On-site
Want to extend existing in-house IT team or build a new one from scratch? We got you covered. X1 Group can help you with recruitment of software engineers to your own on-site team.

We will headhunt and recruit top talents in your location as well as in Eastern Europe and will manage relocation to your site when required, so you'll get your team together faster.
Our advantages
Top talents
Our development center located in Kharkiv, Ukraine having one of the largest pool of high-skilled IT specialists in Europe. X1 Group is continuously among the top-rated IT-employers on the local market. Thanks to all of that and our solid recruiting experience and we can bring the best talents to your team.
Financial advantage
Because of our transparent and straightforward pricing model, you will keep your IT budget under control. There will be no upfront setup fees, and you can decrease your IT budget up to 50% compared to equal on-site team setup.
Time efficiency
With X1 you can get your new software development team up and running within 4-8 weeks. We'll cover all recruitment, setup, onboarding, and administrative tasks so you have more time to focus on the business while we're building your team for you.
Direct Communication
All developers at X1 speak English and you'll directly communicate with the whole team. Moreover, we're just 1 hour ahead of Central European Time. And our development center is well connected with Western Europe and North America by air
Our team
Valeriy Bykanov
Founder & CEO
Linkedin, Facebook
Before founding X1 Group in 2008, Valeriy contributed to a number of startups and projects in both IT/technical and management roles, such as studiVZ. Founded the first co-working space in Kharkiv, Ukraine and co-founded online rental classifieds platform ProkatVsego (successfully exited in 2012). Valeriy holds a master's degree in Computer Science.
Viktoria Horbenko
Business Partner
Linkedin, Facebook
Viktoria joined X1 Group in 2010 initially taking over HR and recruitment departments. While growing with the company, Viktoriia also notably contributed to PR and Marketing and now acting as Business Partner, supervising development of internal company processes as well as brand building and business development strategies.
Anna Obolenskaya
Head of HR and Recruiting
Linkedin, Facebook
Anna started her career in human resource management and IT recruiting in early 2009. She was rapidly developing her expertise and network in all relevant fields and joined X1 Group in 2013 as Head of HR and Recruiting. Anna is responsible for and constantly advancing our HR processes and tools, as well as growing amazingly friendly yet professional atmosphere within the entire company.
Our clients
Contacts and location
Feel free to contact us. We really love to make new connections.
Founder & CEO
Valeriy Bykanov
[email protected]
HR & Recruiting
Anna Obolenskaya [email protected]
Development center: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Representative: Berlin, Germany
[email protected]

Write us: [email protected]
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