IT Recruitment Services

If you're looking for developers to join your in-house team and not ready to extend your team in remote location yet - X1 Group can help with IT recruitment.
We can find you developers and place them as full time employees at your office. We'll search for talents within Eastern Europe and your home country and will take over visa and relocation if needed.

How it works

Recruiting & headhunting
Our professional in house recruitment team will search for best IT talents on your own and Eastern European markets, supporting with relocation to your city if necessary.
Candidates introduction
Once we found your new engineers, we're onboarding the team in our development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
To make the project kick-off as smooth as possible, we'd recommend to bring entire team to your office for couple weeks for on-site integration; otherwise you're very welcome to join the team in Ukraine.
Screening and interviews
You're very welcome to add your custom interview steps, such as coding challenges, and you'll have final say before an offer to each candidate.
Relocation & visa support
If your best candidate is not residing in your country yet, X1 will support with visa and will make sure relocation goes as smoothly as possible.
To show you we're taking quality of our candidates seriously: we'll refund 100% of our recruitment fees if our candidate will not pass 3 months probation period.

Why will it work for you?

Top IT talents
Our Development Center located in Kharkiv, Ukraine having one of the largest pool of high-skilled IT specialists in Europe. X1 Group is continuously among the top-rated IT-employers on the local market. And thanks to our solid recruiting experience and we can bring the best talents to your team.
Fast to start
With X1 Group you can get your new software development team up and running within 4-8 weeks. We'll cover all recruitment, setup, onboarding, and administrative tasks so you have more time to focus on the business while we're building your team for you.
Cost efficiency
Because of our transparent and straightforward pricing model, you will keep your IT budget under control. There will be no upfront setup fees, and you can decrease your IT budget up to 50% compared to similar on-site team setup.
Close proximity to EU
Our Ukrainian Development Center is just 1 hour ahead of Central European Time. And is well connected with Western Europe and North America by air.

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