Launch your own R&D Office in Ukraine

We're building R&D Offices and dedicated Tech Teams for growing tech businesses.

Our Recruitment Team can staff a team of 5 high-skilled engineers within just 4-8 weeks, screened by us, vetted by you.
We'll provide complete working hardware set and videoconferencing equipment for your team.
Our HR Team provides advanced support to make sure the entire team stays engaged and collaboration is productive.





We'll take care of all the payments to your team in Ukraine and help them with taxes and tax returns


In collaboration with best-in-class legal partner, we're making sure your IP is properly transferred and your interests are protected.

Travel management

Once Corona quarantine is over, we'll be happy to arrange visits between you and your team as often as you need.

What we cover

We'll cover recruiting, office administration and HR, while you'll keep full control over project management.


Centrally located and well equipped office space with the dedicated working space for your entire team.


We'll kick-off by exploring all your needs and expectations in software engineering.

Our Recruitment Team will work closely with you to draft the anticipated team profile - roles, seniority levels and responsibilities of every team member, as well as job requirements and nice-to-haves.

Step 1


We'll launch a full-scale recruiting and headhunting operation to find you the best candidates on the market. After our thorough screening process, we'll introduce the most promising candidates for your review and will assist in scheduling calls and further interview stages.

Once we'll find the best match who you'd like to take on board, we'll make an offer then prep all the paperwork and will get ready for onboarding.

Step 2


On this stage, we ensure every newcomer has a comfortable place in the office. Working hardware is there, all required online accounts are created.

Our HR Team is working together with you to ensure smooth onboarding for every member of your team. Our Accounting Team is working with the newcomer to check and bring taxation and banking documents in order.

Step 3

Operations and Support

Going forward, you're working with every remote team member just as you do with your employees. We're running regular HR check-ins, semi-annual performance reviews, online and offline educational and team-building events to make sure the entire team stays engaged and productive.

We're in the same office with your team and always there for you and your team to support with any question or request possible.

Step 4
Founder Kreditech
IT Director Budget Thuis
CPO and Managing Director Finiata
Alexander Graubner-Müller
Floris de Haes
Ingmar Stupp
The development team X1 recruited for us and helped us prove our business idea and had a strong contribution to the overall success of our company.
X1 helped us cut down the development costs almost twice and optimize our workload, since we had more time to focus on the business, instead of worrying about hiring software engineers.
...Their client-first attitude and transparent communication allowed them to remain very flexible and responsive to all our concerns and changes we made.
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